OverClocking Nvidia GeForce2 MX 100/200

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OverClocking Nvidia GeForce2 MX 100/200

Postby shocks24 » Tue Jul 02, 2002 5:47 pm

So I've got the Nvidia GeForce2 MX 100/200 and want to overclock it. Looking around I found (with the help of these forums) GeForce Tweaker, and NVmax. My question is how far can I go?? I've no fan to cool it with so what should I consider my clock speed limits? How about with a fan (should I decide to purchase one)? I know this card is pretty much a turd compared to what is available now am I waisting my time?

BTW this site is proving very useful and informative keep up the good work!
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Postby Tolemac » Tue Jul 02, 2002 6:08 pm

There's no way to tell you for sure what you'll get out of it as it also depends on the mobo as well as the vid card. You'll just have to play with it till it screams stop. Getting a GPU fan is always a good idea. I use the Thermaltake Crystal Orb myself and have found it to be quite good. You will want to measure the holes in the video card to see if the Crystal Orb will fit. If it has holes that is. If it doesn't, you can still use the CO, but you'll have to get some Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive to make it stick to the vid card. Great thing about that, is that it will also help cool the GPU. 8)
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