AWARD bios setting

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AWARD bios setting

Postby ThEvil0nE » Mon Jun 24, 2002 6:49 pm

I want to try OCing a 1.2 duron (never tried OCing, this would be my first). I have not unlocked it yet. I have seen diff types of unlocking, the L1 which is most common and a few w/c seem to be not on the L1. With the bios option w/c unlocking method would apply?

I tried playing around with the settings. I set it at 105/105/35Mhz and when I checked, it registered "1 AMD @ 1268.14", the temps registered 33(board) / 41(CPU). When on "default" it's "1 AMD @ 1209.27" like I said, this is not unlocked.

Here is what it sayson the award bios options:

Auto detect dimm/pci clock

Spread spctrum

CPU host/sdram/pci clock

On an unlocked duron 1.2, how fast can it go? of the setting above, which is the max setting that the duron 1.2 is stable?

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Postby Tolemac » Fri Jun 28, 2002 9:55 pm

Unlocking the Duron by way of the Pencil trick will allow you to change the Multiplier. At a base of 100MHz FSB, the native multiplier clock is 12. Once it's unlocked, you can change it to 12.5 or 13 or even 14 if your board supplies that number. Then you can change the FSB upwards in small increments to see just how high it will go. 8)
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