What is your highest overclock?

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Post by doomsday »

I am now up to 2640 stable through 3dmark 2001se and now running SANDRA a bunch of times.
Abit NF7 vs. 2 (tic tac d23 3dfire bios)
AMD Athlon XP 2500 Mobile @ 2640MHz (221x12) 1.85 vcore
Thermalright SP-97 Vantec Tornado 92mm
HIS 9800PRO ICEQ 128MB 412/365
OCZ EL PC3200 [email protected] 440MHZ
120GB Maxtor
19088 3DMark2001SE score
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800mhz overclock.

Post by OCTexas »

Got my 2.4 400 bus P4 to 3.2 (533) at stock voltage. 800mhz is not bad considering this is an OEM chip and I'm using an MSI board (645E Max) with PC2100 memory. Haven't really tried to go past 533 since the thing is rock solid and don't want to push my luck. I'm also running my memory at cas 2!
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Post by WillStar »

Just an Update got my 1.8a to 3.0 muhahahaha :lol:
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Post by Compgeek69 »

Current setup

2.4a Celeron
ECS 848p-a m/b
256mb ddr400
w/d 120gig 8mb buffer
PNY MX 440 8x 64mb
Win 2000 Pro
stock Bios 100x24= 2400
current Bios 210x24=5040!
stock heat sink and voltage
Running 41c 24/7
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Post by captainnymike1961 »

WillStar wrote:Just an Update got my 1.8a to 3.0 muhahahaha :lol:
Have a CPU-z Screenshot to show us?
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Post by Rabidwerewolf »

Hello, noob overclocker here. Just wanted to say I'm quite proud of my 2.353 oc on my socket754 130nm AMD Athlon64 3000+. That is around a 17% gain over the stock 2ghz speed, and on stock hs/f. I posted a screen shot and more info bout it here.


Don't want to clutter up the site. :wink:
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Post by taskforce »

Managed to run my 2.54ghz P4 on 2.8 stably with a mixture of different RAM types and no AGP/PCI lock etc. Only time will tell what I get my 3500+ to do.
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Post by ~Rob »

Now at 2.5Ghz and 50C after 3DMark 2001SE

All air cooled with my new invention!

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Post by efrem9011 »

This was just yesterday..but now CPU-Z's not workin...oh, well, it was great while it lasted!


This is an Athlon 64 3000+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stock: 200...
Stock cooling.
Asus A8N-SLI
Haven't tried OC'ing mem yert though...
This is a lie.
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