Is it worth overclocking a Geforce 2 GTS...

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Is it worth overclocking a Geforce 2 GTS...

Postby dyaamis_dk » Mon Jun 10, 2002 8:09 am

I just got some AS3 to put a nice new blue orb on my Geforce2 GTS.

Although its older card, its a good one for what I do cause my PC is only a P3-600. Has anyone had much experience overclocking graphics cards. Am sure that heat wouldn't be too much of a problem, i just don't know if its worth overclocking and if i do how much to overclock....

Please let me know if anyone had overclocked GF2 GTS before.. thx guys
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Geforce2 overclocking

Postby charibdis » Wed Jun 12, 2002 8:16 am

I overclocked my GeForce2MX after having put a blue orb cooler on it. I didn't use Arctic Silver though, just the normal grease. I successfully had overclocked my card from 175/166 to 235/200 (although the memory was kinda touchy in some apps so i usually kept it between 185-195).

The best part was that the card ran cool to the touch. (heatsink didn't even feel as if it was warming up.

Although right now I took out my GeForce2MX and got a Radeon 8500LE I want to see how that one performs. Although I think I have a bottleneck in my system. But then again I can't complain, my CPU is a 900 oc'd to 1050, and it only runs about 1-2 degrees warmer.
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