Can a game overclock motherboard?

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Can a game overclock motherboard?

Post by mehul »

I used to play BeGone, web based game available on Google web store, on my computer which was equipped with i5 second generation processor and a Zotac 1gb RAM graphic card.

I started seeing BSOD and as a result the motherboard had to be replaced.

Our IT admin has to say that the game BeGone overclocked the CPU.

As far as I know, one has to go into BIOS setup to overclock the CPU or some motherboards have jumper settings for overclocking.

How true is it that a game (web based BeGone) can overclock the CPU without my consent or knowledge?

A response with some technical understanding will be highly appreciated.
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Re: Can a game overclock motherboard?

Post by evasive »

I think you IT admin is trying to hide the fact they are providing mediocre systems and they do not want you to play games on them...
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Re: Can a game overclock motherboard?

Post by Karlsweldt »

I agree with evasive. When "on the clock" at work, only business-related use of computers is acceptable. Or allowed.
As to a game or program over clocking a system, very unlikely. More likely the system overheated from stress.
Or the persistent "bad caps" syndrome caused the failure.
Check out for instances and what to look for.
Still or less detailed images should not strain a system. But for intense graphics work or intense gaming, the system needs to be more robust and intended for that use.
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Re: Can a game overclock motherboard?

Post by rascard2007 »

I think that U roasted the MOBO, most of office computers are not well suited for intense gaming from a cooling point of view (cheaper) so are prone to overheating and Kaput!
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