Foxconn A88GMX - overclocking ?

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Foxconn A88GMX - overclocking ?

Postby Phil K » Sat Oct 09, 2010 4:13 pm

I just bought an upgrade, to an X6 1090t. The mobo is Foxconn a88gmx (NOT the deluxe, sadly) I gather this mobo is OK-ish, but not much cop at overclocking.
Now, I wouldn't be overclocking to 4ghz already, but I'd appreciate any advice should I care to..... :wink:

Very sorry - didn't know Id already posted this. Thought I was was still on the list for getting in....
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Postby Mr T » Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:26 pm

Welcome to the

The board is micro ATX, so generally they are poor for overclocking on due to limitations set in the BIOS, but there still may be a bit of 'tweaking' room... Things, I would do to get a decent stable overclock...

- get decent RAM, ie OCZ, Corsair, Geil and not their value stuff... Make sure they have good timings and decent voltage tolerance....

- get a decent heatsink - the heatsink that comes with the x6 CPU's should do the trick... There are bigger and better... If you do overclock and get heat issues, get a bigger, better one...

- put in a graphics card - the chipset on the motherboard is first to go usually on an overclock, so it needs good cooling too... If you are running onboard graphics you'll watch the chipset heatsink get very hot, very quickly...

- get a high wattage good brand of PSU... This will deliver vital power when needed and the good quality ones tend to give smoother more tolerant voltages, so fewer fluctuations causing an overclock to crash, esp on the RAM and CPU... This will also give room for lots of additions at a later date (ie its not false economy)such as bigger and more hard drives...

Hard ware basically done...

Actual overclocking.....

Always go in small steps, esp if you have to increase the core voltage of the CPU to gain extra stability... Spec out your CPU, RAM and video card and see what voltages they run at or safely maintain.. I rarely overclock AMD's these days, everyone wants an intel overclock (Q6600 to 3Ghz, i7-920 to 4Ghz and so on), but adjusting the frequency of the CPU in low increments, ie go from 2.4Ghz to 2.7 Ghz if you get my drift, do the smae with the RAM....
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Postby fussnfeathers » Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:32 am

Mr T wrote:- get decent RAM, ie OCZ, Corsair, Geil and not their value stuff... Make sure they have good timings and decent voltage tolerance....

Make absolutely sure the RAM you get is compatible with the board, as in it's been tested and approved as working properly by Foxconn. That's important, especially with OC'oing. I can OC my DDR2 667 to 1066 without a hiccup, but it's certified for the board. Also be careful with "performance" RAM. IF it's the same price, or just a little bit higher, than most value RAM, skip it. You're paying extra for the same value chips with a fancy heatspreader.
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