can I overclock to 1600mhz with am3 & ddr3 1600 cl9?

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can I overclock to 1600mhz with am3 & ddr3 1600 cl9?

Postby alatheia00 » Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:58 pm

I really need to know if I can overclock to 1600mhz with my asus m4a785td-v evo 785g motherboard, with Kingston Hyperx 1600 cl9.
I know its possible with ram with lower latency eg G Skill ddr3 1600 cl7 but the problem is I can only afford one module until my next paycheck so its either;

Package 1

Kingston hyperx 1600 cl9 2Gb X1 = £47.99,
AMD Sempron 140 = £27.00 until I get my next paycheck and I will get 965be
OCZ stealthxstream 600w = £ 59.00

With these components I have a working pc as i already have everything else including mobo, case, drives etc

Package 2

G Skill ripjaws 1600 cl7 4GB 2x2 = £89.99
AMD Sempron 140 = £27.00

Wait until next week for proper psu maybe corsair at 650w or Antec.

Please tell me guys what do you think I should do, I have a working pc to use but it doesn't have any sound so I am desperate for another working pc, however I wouldn't mind waiting for quality components.

I need advise I have £150 to spend and I need AM3 cpu, 1600 ddr3 and a quality power supply any suggestions would really help me as you probably have guessed I am from england and I use ebuyer, techheads and pricelover to buy components as they are the cheapest.

I am selling a 15" moniter tommorrow for £20 so that gives me £150 to spend and I have this system I am using a Hp dx6050 with 1.7ghz processor which is surprisingly fast for £20 so thats £170

I am really unsure about psu I want quality OCZ or Corsair but I only need 500w somebody told me the corsair 450 vx produces over 500w but I am thinking shall I buy that or a 600w ocz stealthxstream

Any suggestions would really help

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