Need some advice on fresh OC

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Need some advice on fresh OC

Postby fussnfeathers » Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:57 pm

Never really gotten deep into OC'ing, so I'm a little green.

Came into the posession of an Intel E6700 ES, Asus P5B vanilla board, eVGA 8800GTX, and 4 gigs of Kingston DDR2 667. Now, I don't need to go crazy here, not watercooling (I can, just chose not to this time), just interested to see how far I can push this thing. If it helps, the cooler is actually from a Q9660, so it's got a bit more oomph than the stock cooler it would have come with. Not too up on where I should start first. I did check the BIOS, it does have all the options enabled for multiplier and the like. Right now I also have SpeedStep enabled, probably gonna turn it off, unless it doesn't matter. The RAM is technically Value RAM, but I researched it, thinking I might buy better, but from everything I read, it's great overclocking stuff, so I might as well leave it be.

I will be getting a Q6600 in a few months, from the same guy that gave me these bits, so if I blow it up, I'll have a spare. I did read the post about the guy getting 5ghz on the same proc, same specs as mine, but I don't happen to have a liquid nitrogen setup. I'd probably be happy with a 1ghz or slightly better OC that's stable.

Help me make this rig cook!
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