Motherboard limitations?

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Motherboard limitations?

Postby aussiejunior » Tue Jul 22, 2008 5:48 pm

Hey all I have seemed to stumble upon what I beleive is a motherboard limitation.
Teh rig in question is an amd m2n sli deluxe 570 motherboard
amd 4600x2 cpu
2gig ddr2 1066 corsair dominator ram
8800 gt vid card ( I did have twin 9600's but it was really jerky and such so I moved back to one card to give the cpu an break lol)
750w psu

Now my main problem is that I cant even get the ram anywhere near it's rated speed. I know the motherboard states it supports ddr2 800 as it's max but when I overclock the system I cant even get the ram to boot at a stable ddr2 1ghz

The ram settings are as such
5,5,5,15,22 @2.2v
core i7 920@4.0ghz
asrock x58 extreme 3
6 gig ocz ddr3 1866mhz @ 1600mhz
evga gtx 460 1gb external exhaust *2
Creative x-fi xtreme gamer
custom watercooling loop for both cpu and gpus
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