overclocking a laptop

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overclocking a laptop

Post by whiteboy »

Is it possible to overclock a laptop? I know heat would be an issue, but will a good laptop cooler help? and is airflow direction important on a cooler like on a cpu fan in a desktop. does blow th air up onto the mobo cool better then sucking warm air off of it? even if overclocking cant be done what about the airflow question?
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Post by Twisty »

I'd go for the blowing air on the laptop option, this is far easier to do and my intuition tells me this will work better. I'm thinking of knocking something up for my lappie - I'm thinking a 120mm fan running on 5V so low RPM and quiet.

OC'ing a laptop isn't a good idea in my book for both thermal considerations and the motherboards don't usually have any settings allowing you to overclock.

Also there is little to be gained from OCing a laptop as the video cards are usually not high powered enough to take advantage of a CPU overclock when playing games, likewise with the little 2.5" hard-drive etc.
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Post by ssamurai26 »

Yeah, overclocking a laptop is probably not wise, and it would not give you noticeable increase in performance either, so really not much point. On the heat front, one of those laptop coolers is a good idea, but if you do get one, I recommend getting one that you can actually access the fans. That way you can actually turn the fans around if they blow in the wrong direction. Some laptops suck air in at the bottom, and some blow out, so it is handy to be able to change the fans around.
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