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PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2012 3:24 pm 
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Joined: Mon May 07, 2012 2:45 pm
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It turns out I had a memory issue with voltage when maxing out Crysis on 32 bit so, I down-clocked the CPU to 3.80Ghz stable 24/7!.:)
But it seems now that the lag I had in 32bit windows 7 in battlefield 3 was a ram allocating problem which disappeared once, I reinstalled windows 7 64 bit.
I can't seem to push it above 3.90Ghz stable as the ram I use is rated differently on the voltage, I know what a pain. But they were gifts quite some time back so not much I can do about it.
Unless anyone here has a work around apart from removing the GEIL ram but I need all the ram installed to run both Crysis and Battlefield 3 smoothly.
Last Benchmark
Windows 7 32 bit
When running Crysis and Battlefield 3 currently, I run the GPU at 1.2v/1044 core clock/2088 shader clock/2052 memory clock/80 to 100% fan speed, better to be safe then sorry.:)
I have the voltages set to the 1st 3d profile at default 1.15v and the second voltage profile at 1.2v and, I have set the limit at the same 1.2v using nitibor.:)
I flashed the GPU like this recently as, I was sick of keep flashing it with different OC's after testing the OC stable with EVGA OC Scanner and using 3dmark06 to benchmark it to confirm stability.;)
Previous Results
Copied from my post over on
I successfully overclocked my Intel C2D E6850 to 3.90Ghz stable and I increased the vcore to 1.56volts and it is now running stable at 3.90Ghz.
I also had to bump up my ram voltage to 2.10 as well as sb and nb volts a bit. I cannot go any higher on the cpu as the ram is holding me back as the GEIL ram is rated 1.80v and the Battlistix ram is rated 2.00v.
I also have changed the latency on my ram and the clock speeds(see screenshot 5-5-5-18) and, I can't push the gpu ram any higher in combination with a high core clock speed.
So I think I need to drop gpu ram clock speed to around 1500 and go from there.
Previous 3DMark06 ScoreImage
I successfully overclocked my Intel C2D E6850 to 3.80Ghz stable and I increased the vcore to 1.55volts and it is now running stable at 3.80Ghz.
Passes with flying colors in 3dmark06 advanced edition and in EVGA OC Scanner, all tests have been run.
My graphics card idle's at 20 degrees and my cpu idles at 25-30(with firefox open).
I think I can push the card a tad further and its brand new, I have only owned it for nearly a week.
PC Spec's
I recently purchased the following upgrades hence this new overclocking post.:clap:
Asus GeForce GTX 550Ti 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card
The card already comes slightly overclocked from Asus.
And I also purchased this monster of a psu.:)
650W OCZ ZS Series ATX2.2 80PLUS Bronze Power Supply
I haven't got my new case yet but, I will be doing soon.;)
And for the moment I decided not to get a new motherboard for 8gb of ddr3 ram hence the need for a new motherboard because there all crap for my liking.
But I had to drop my ide hard drive and remove it from my current build so, I have more space and better airflow.
I also purchased.
Arctic Silver Ceramique 2 25g Premium High-Density Thermal Compound
And some of this.
Akasa TIM Clean - Thermal Interface Cleaner
Along with some cotton buds to clean my Arctic Cooler Revision 2 cooler and my Intel Core2Duo E6850 and If you remove and apply the thermal compound right you get awesome temps.:D
Check out these temps straight after the upgrade.;)
'Ignore the wrong time and date as, I had to reset the bios well I do this with every build as standard practice for myself.'
And its cheaper for me this way and Battlefield Bad Company 2 maxed out runs awesome and without any overclocking.
I am also able to run Battlefield 3 maxed out on ultra.:)
[Already Owned Hardware]
Motherboard-MSI P35 NEO2,
2x1GBDDR2 PC2-6400(400Mhz),
2X2GB DDR2 Ballistixs(With status leds),
Cpu-Intel Core2Duo [email protected](stable),
[Cpu Cooler]Freezer 7 pro rev 2,
Harddrive-Samsung HD501LH 500GB(sata).

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PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2012 7:19 pm 
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Joined: Mon May 07, 2012 2:45 pm
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2.1v was needed just to achieve a stable 3.90Ghz overclock with the ram at 2.1v and running the CPU at 434 FSB frequency, CPU Ratio 9 and with a vcore of 1.575v, NB still 1.3v and VTT set to auto.
3.92Ghz or 3.95Ghz Overlockings are no where near stable with prime 95 it seems, I would have to seriously nuke the crap out of this CPU to achieve a stable overclock higher then 3.90Ghz.
I can overclock my CPU to 4.0Ghz and it will boot but, I cannot get it stable with prime 95 on the blend test and as far as the large fft test goes.
I didn't bother at 4.0Ghz as there would be no point if it can't even pass the blend test for at least 10 minutes.
Removed mem timings to fix Battlefield 3 random BSOD.;)

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