"Instability": how to identify it?

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"Instability": how to identify it?

Post by Plasmech »

I ran the FSB of my E6850 up to 375 MHZ today. The processor speed was around 3.4 GHz. The video card, or so it seemed, started acting weird. I was getting some fuzzy stuff on my screen, windows were "erasing" other windows...very weird. Is this "instability"?

Do I try increasing Vcore or do I try decreasing the speed of the video card via the ratio? I'm really new to all of this but from my post below, it seems that this chip should hit 3.5-3.6 no sweat.

By the way, I do have 4 gigs of Crucial Ballistix Tracer installed running at PC8500, maybe I try pulling two sticks first?
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Post by ajrox »

do you have the ability to lock the other system buses in the bios?
it is what i did as well as clock the memory bus down so when i clocked the FSB up, it runs at stock or just above.
i had weird stabilty issues until i did that. could never get it passed the 225mhz FSB until i did the above procedure.
btw, i run an Opteron 165. 1.8ghz stock, OCed to 2.7ghz @300mhz FSB.
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