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Rules for the Virus/Spyware/Security Forum

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Be sure to read the General Posting Rules

1. This forum is for the discussion of Virus's, Spyware and computer Security Only! "What is the best Anti-Virus or Spyware Program?" and "Why am I getting these pop-ups?" are appropriate questions. Anything else needs to be posted in the appropriate forum.

2. Specific is Terrific! PLEASE be as detailed as possible when posting here, giving full description of errors, pop-ups, scan reports, etc. We can't help you if we don't know what's wrong.

3. STAY ON TOPIC! This is a vital area that needs to be addressed with as much professionalism as possible. People's data and information (personal and otherwise) are at stake here.

4. Please check your spelling! We have a preview area for the posts, and I encourage everyone to use it. It just makes it easier to answer the questions if we can actually read them. :wink:
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