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Post by c327 »

Have used malwarebytes (free) for meny years in the past with no problems, call it luck or what ever. Over the last two years since i bought a new laptop with Windows 10 Pro i have been using Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Premium (pay) along with CCleaner and Superantispyware (both free) and not a bit of trouble.

Now my two year subscription is up for Malwarebytes Premium in a few weeks i am wondering if there is a better product out there even if its a pay version that will catch ransomeware along with other nasties.

I have read where Malwarebytes won't work with the Edge browser?

Any thing else better out there? Has Malwarebytes seen better times like most everything else today?
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Mr T
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Re: Malwarebytes

Post by Mr T »

Malwarebytes still does it for me. still going strong. And Windows Defender does work as it picked up a nasty in CCleaner that had been maliciously put in there - see here.

And I don't use Edge browser as it's s**t...
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