I need help with viruses and malware

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I need help with viruses and malware

Post by Chrissantonio »

I have viruses and malware and maybe spyware on my tablets and computers. Sometimes when im searching Google or chrome I get a pop up that says my device is infected. I've tried over 50 different antivirus malware removers. But they don't detect anything when I scan them. Ive tried to factory reset them a few times but it didn't help. My different accounts on my computers and tablets keep getting hacked. If anyone can tell me what I need to do to my computers and tablets to get rid of them. I'd appreciate any information anyone can tell me. Thanks
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Re: I need help with viruses and malware

Post by evasive »

More than likely you are getting false messages about being infected and if you click on any of the links it might actually infect if you try to download their "solution". This is called "scareware".

If your knwon gooed antivirus software cannot find anything, maybe you should try something like this:
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