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Strange Apps In Volume Mixer Causing Noise [SOLVED]
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Author:  OneSpirit [ Thu Dec 29, 2016 1:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Strange Apps In Volume Mixer Causing Noise [SOLVED]

Hilly Ho! And Happy Holidays to you all ... wellsir ... My AMD rig picked up some nasty malware from some website, that kept installing apps I didn't want even after uninstalling them. As soon as one was uninstalled more would install and reinstall. I had to disconnect from the net to uninstall and stop it from reinstalling again.

My browser would keep opening while trying to uninstall to sites I didn't want to go do. I ran Malwarebyte while offline and that got rid of most of it. No more browsers popping up going to websites, or reinstalling software I didn't want.

However I'm having a problem with my system sound where there is this constant clicking and scratching noise, and there are 10 unknown sound apps all marked "abc". Malwarebyte couldn't get rig of it. I installed super anti-spyware and ran it ... problem still there. I ran a Kaspersky TDSKiller program and it didn't help either.

Any way to uninstall those apps from the volume mixer or will it have to be removed with some kind of malware software? Thanks for reading my post. :)

Author:  Karlsweldt [ Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Strange Apps In Volume Mixer Causing Noise

Turning off the 'restore' feature when cleansing a system is assurance that the malware should be gone. Do a restart or two after, to ensure a clean system. Then enable the 'restore' feature.
If you don't turn off that 'restore' feature, Windows will undo all your work on the next restart!
Sometimes, a really nasty bit of malware lodges in the main Registry, and editing it out is the only choice.
Also do a global search on the system for any remnants of a program folder or other infected locations.
Try running Hijack This and do a browse only. If unsure of what to kill off, post results here and get suggestions. ... kthis.html

Author:  OneSpirit [ Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Strange Apps In Volume Mixer Causing Noise

Wellsir ... I found out what is causing the clicking sounds. I followed your advise Karl and disabled restore. I ran malwarebyte and super anti-spyware both free editions, but still the problem persisted. I used the system tools section in SAS that is for exploring and repairing the PC. I used the system investigator under the system tools and found some files that didn't belong ... touristic.exe and adware.exe. SAS showed me where those files were. I tried to delete them, but I could not because it was running.

I had to go into the task manager open the process tab and found the file(s) and had the task manager end them. Once I did that I deleted it all and the noise stopped. I used a registry cleaner, then rebooted the machine. Turned the restore back on, but as I was typing this the noise came back. Open the volume mixer and there were two more of those "abc" boxes. At least all 10 didn't come back. I went back into the task manager and saw more of the touristic.exe files running. I was able to right click on that file name and was shown where it was located. Went there ... ended the process in the task manager, deleted the files, and the sound went away again. Whether it will come back again ... I don't know. But if it does I will follow the same procedure. This was a very nasty malware and takes time to get rid of. :roll:
Happy New Year ... :D

Author:  Karlsweldt [ Sat Dec 31, 2016 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Strange Apps In Volume Mixer Causing Noise

Even the best and most secure sites can have third-party cookies that throw ads in your face.. insisting you "NEED" this or that. Using the [X] box to close the pop-up can give you a dose of malware. Safest is to just close the app or window from the task bar. A weak or out of date firewall can let those nasty bits through too.
That 'adware.exe' can have associated files in its nasty web. And can lodge in the main Registry. Monitors your browsing habits, inundates you with ads and other problems.
Whatever version of browser used, set your privacy level by ticking the box for 'no third-party cookies' or 'do not track me'.
This WIKI link may help in cleansing it from your system..

Author:  OneSpirit [ Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Strange Apps In Volume Mixer Causing Noise

Wellsir ... after the second cleaning I didn't have any more trouble. Thanks for your posts. Mark this one as problem solved. :D

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