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Author:  c327 [ Thu Aug 18, 2016 4:35 am ]
Post subject:  PC Matic

I know I have talked some about this utility and some who commented on it didn't have anything much good to say about it but that was a while ago. Like everyone else I watch the commercials on TV including PC Matic's. The things they say about their product sounds good at least to me a non PC tech guy just an advanced home user with two builds under my belt.

Time has gone on since I brought this subject up here and it seems that this utility has had some changes to it since then and I was wondering if those here still have an unfavorable opinion of it?

If not that great of an anti virus utility what does it not do as compared to the top few full featured pay anti virus utilities out there?

On another note I read somewhere that in Windows 10 Microsoft's Defender is another companies anti virus utility just re badged for MS. ??

Currently using Windows Defender plus Malwarebytes Premium pay version (got a good deal on a 2 year subscription for 2 PC's). Also have CCleaner and Super Anti Spyware installed that I run once in a while.

Because of all the PC intrusions by the bad guy's and knowing all that is involved in reloading this W10 O.S. (still learning where all the stuff is located) including all of the programs, drivers and custom PC settings which I am not looking forward to do again I know it's better to be protected as well as I can even though I know when all is said and done it's still not going to be 100% probably not even close.

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