Free Agent Desktop hdd does not show up under My Computor !

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Free Agent Desktop hdd does not show up under My Computor !

Postby ranger16701columbus » Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:56 pm

Please help with some advice:
I have a seagate free agent desktop exterior 500 gig hdd attached to my computer as an additional drive. I used it just as it is when I purchased it and there is not an OS on it...I was just using it for additional storage. I have a ton of my documents on it, some back up files and a lot of pictures on it. I also have another persons data on it that I retrieved when they could not access thier computer (I used recovery software for that). I also recently used it to make a back up of my wifes computer files as well and it worked fine and was recognized as soon as I plugged it into her USB port. Until this morning, this external hdd worked fine....and it was always identified under "my computer" as drive H: Freeagent.
I use avira free edition software and this morning, it started it's scheduled scan of my computer like it does everyday. It had just started scanning for a few minutes, when a "virus" detection came on the screen. It showed two infected files on the "H" drive (the seagate free agent drive). The first said that it was from "Boot Sector H:\....and contains code of BOO/sinowal.EB virus". It said that this virus was quaranteened. The second hit was basically the same for the second finding, that it was "Master Boot Sector HD1 and was a virus or program containing code BOO/sinowal.EB virus". This one said no action was taken and gave a link to download the removal tool from Avira. I did download the Boot sector removal tool from Avira website and I deleted the first finding from the quaranteen section of Avira. Then I burned the download to the disk and attempted to run it upon rebooting the computer as it told me to do, but it only scanned "A" directory and did not scan anything else. Upon reboot of the computrer, I ran avira again and it found nothing this time. However, then I noticed a problem.
The seagate free agent hard drive no longer showed up under "my computer"...but it did show up under device manager. I went to disk management and checked and it shows the hard drive there and online, but with a black line under it and it shows as being "unallocated". I have checked the properties of the disk and it shows no data on the disk....but I know I had almost 150 to 200 gigs of data on it. I have removed and re-installed the disk several times and it shows as being installed, but it still does not show up under "my computer" I cannot afford to lose the data on it but right now there is no way to access it. I ran seagate tests and it does not show as being corrupted and under device manager it shows to be functioning normally. I have tried everything I know to attempt to get this hdd back so I can download what I need or at least access the data on the hdd. Also, under disk management, there is no drive letter associated with this hdd. Can someone tell me how I could possibly get my hdd to work again or at least where I can possibly restore the boot section of it (if that is what got damaged)? I am afraid that maybe avira showed a needed file as a virus and then I deleted it and made the hdd unusable? Please help.
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Postby Mr T » Fri Feb 24, 2012 10:33 pm

It looks like Avira removed a file that has caused this (no s**t!!!)...

What you need to do is to download and burn to CD a live linux disc,Ubuntu is good and run it from your system with the hard drive attached - IT WONT AFFECT your windows installation as it runs from CD and RAM (if you are unsure just take hard drive cables out)... If you see it, good, you can get data off it. If it shows up as empty, run GParted and the repair option and see if that sorts it (it shouldn't do, but it can erase the disc, so be careful with this option)..

System Rescue is also good for this...
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