PC-Chips,ECS competition

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PC-Chips,ECS competition

Postby datektrader21 » Thu May 30, 2002 11:57 am

check it out asus and abit are moving in on the low price market, hopefully this will push the low quality manufactures to shape up or ship out. :)

Seeing that demand from the clone market has continued to wither, Abit Computer has decided to expand its business further into the low-end motherboard market this month, following the lead of Asustek Computer and Foxconn Electronics (the registered trade name of Hon Hai Precision Industry).

Company president Edwin Lin said that Abit is planning to launch two lines based on the SiS645 chipset from Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) and Intel’s 845GL chipsets. Prices of the new boards will be quoted higher than products made by Asustek’s Hua Ching (transliterated from Chinese) subsidiary and Foxconn’s First Tech.

Lin predicts that the company should be able to ship 100,000 units per month and is expected to start achieving results from the latest product line in the fourth quarter.

In the second quarter, overall business in the motherboard industry has continued slackening, Lin said, but this month boosted by product transition demand from an OEM client, the company predicts that its shipment performance should be better than in April.

Among the second-tier board makers, Abit is the only company that has landed OEM orders. According to sources, an OEM client in Singapore already closed a deal with Abit, placing orders for new Pentium 4-based barebone systems. Lin said that shipments have started in May and the total amount this month is estimated to be 30,000 units, better than the company had expected. Judging from the shipment breakdowns, the client has been fast in shifting its product lines, and the shipment ratios between new and old P4-based products have reached 7:3, he added.

Most of the orders are products based on the 845G chipsets, Lin said, not the cheaper 845GL, which the market expects to do better. He suggested that due to its still conservative view of the market, the OEM client has kept a low inventory level. To adjust inventories more easily as well as to add more product value are probably the reasons that the client has chosen the 845G over 845GL, as the 845G products have room for function upgrades.

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Postby Tolemac » Thu May 30, 2002 12:56 pm

I think that this will be good for all concerned. To have large mobo companies deciding to make lower end boards that will hopefully have the same quality as their higher end ones, will give everyone a fair shot at a decent board without having to put up with the current crap that is the low end market. Hats off to both Asus and Abit. 8)
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