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Post by missouri »

I toy around w/ very, very basic animations when I have time...
I was in a forum and in a reply, a little wizard appears in the corner of my computer screen(the very upper left, on the browser toolbar) and ascends into this reply...answers the question...then disappears....
I have to learn how this is done...but first I need to know what it was and a point to right place to learn it. :)
Can anyone give me an idea...I figured this would be the right forum, lots of very smart people ........
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Post by Tolemac »

Smart people? What? Where? Here? Nah! :roll:

What forum were you at where this wizard was?
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Post by Toby B. »

Enquiring minds want to know.

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Post by mooi »

PM me I think I got it figured out....
I think I even know where it was at...if not I know where one similar is...(no wizard but a pretty good answer thingy)
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