On-line Hardware Reviews

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On-line Hardware Reviews

Post by pcaddict »

Guys, do you any on-line in-depth pc hardware reviews aside from tomshardware? Thanks! :)
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Hardware reviews

Post by Petey970Z »

I usually check the forums here for issues and the homepage of Motherboard Homeworld when looking for new gear. Tom's hardware I use as a second opinion and other forums too numerous to mention.
The guys at MPC where I purchase motherboards I need in a hurry are very on-the-leading-edge of new M/Bs and hardware. I also check around with my compadres who build em and sell em.
Usually magazines are fairly accurate and also websites that plot speeds and power abound.
If I buy on-line I talk to the sales people about sweet deals and clearance items they have occasionally. Gotta a bunch of SOYO's for half price that way and saved a bunch of money recently.
I mainly stick with ASUS and AOpen for the last year or so. Guess I just came to trust them better.
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Post by Sabrewings »

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Post by Peanya »

[H]ard OCP (www.hardocp.com) and Anandtech are very good.
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Post by inteljunky »


they have links to new reviews all the time
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Post by geh1 »

Has reviews. As well as other posted sites. "G"
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