Rules for the Water Cooler Forum:

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Rules for the Water Cooler Forum:

Postby Tolemac » Tue May 14, 2002 10:48 am

Be sure to read the General Posting Rules.

Rules for the Water Cooler Forum:

1. Do not ask questions that should be posted in another forum. You will be ridiculed and flamed for it. :wink:

2. KEEP IT CLEAN! Keep the foul language to a bare minimum as this is an all ages web site. Please be respectful of that.
With that in mind, no links to porn of any variety!!! Anyone who does this will be bounced out of here hard on their butt and removed from the database!!! :evil:

3. You may stray off topic at will. This is the place to tell that joke, or share that story, or to just basically goof off. Enjoy, relax and have a cold one. 8)
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