Jpeg vs. GIF??

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Jpeg vs. Gif

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Jpeg vs. GIF??

Postby jmstacey » Thu Jun 13, 2002 11:58 am

Which one gives you the best picture quality and uses least ammount of space on a web-site
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Postby useless comment » Thu Jun 13, 2002 1:27 pm

I don't think I'm gonna vote because both image formats can do things 1000x better the other one can. gifs are easily animated and have transparencies. jpegs can have gazillions of colors which make for better excellent image quality buy larger file sizes. gifs are limited to a 256 color palette, but if your original image has less than that then the size/quality ratio will favor the gif format.

Just as a test, I jpeg optimized the motherboard logo that they used to replace the phpBB logo here down to 1.5kb as opposed to the 13kb gif file. That was at 99% jpeg compression. It looked horrid. The only possible way to get at least close to the same quality was to use 1% compression which produced a jpeg at 16kb. Score 1 for the gif.

Then there is always the solid color 1x1 pixel size image used as a cheat in webpages for spacing and stretching to fill backgrounds and such. Optimizing it with 99% jpeg compression caused so much overhead to be tacked on that it actuall increased the file size from 52 bytes uncompressed to over 500 bytes compressed. The gif produced a file size of 34 bytes. My money is on the gif here, score again.

I guess it just depends on what your use is as to who the real winner is.

If I could I'd vote for the Targa format.
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