Where Is everybody?

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Where are you right now?

A. At home
B. At work (this is not what they are paying you for)
C. At school (you better not be cheating on a test, mister)
D. Other
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Where Is everybody?

Postby GrandmastaBizwacky » Mon Jun 10, 2002 9:57 am

It is 1:05 where i live (central) and I was wondering how you guys are still posting I mean Im a student and its summer so I have nothing better to do but most of you are older than me so I was thinking shouldnt you guys be at work or something?
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Postby Tau » Mon Jun 10, 2002 10:40 am

Here in the UK its now 1945hrs of 7.45pm and im sitting in our summerhouse/my workshop cause the wife i putting the kids to bed.
I am lucky in as much that with my job i can spend about 4 to 5 hours at home in the middle of the day, i deliver school kids to and from school so i can be off from 0930 am to 2.30pm them pick the little darlings up in the afternoon, then come home to my three DOH.
Not a bad job with 13 weeks paid holidays a year.

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Postby BittaBrotha » Tue Jun 11, 2002 9:26 pm

I work nights, CDT usa, so I do alot of my posting while I'm here, I do get online at home, but not alot of surfing till I'm off on weekends!
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Postby datektrader21 » Tue Jun 11, 2002 9:51 pm

i clicked other by mistake :oops: but i am at home. being a college student I stumble on this site whenever i am bord. sometimes i come on late at night but the cause of that is usually not boredom :wink:
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Postby icdengineer » Wed Jun 12, 2002 7:57 am

well, I am actually at work. I am a hardware engineer and I spend alot of time verifying my designs using software tools. Obviously, when I am in the middle of tinkering with a design, I am not on, but the software tools usually take between 1-2 hours to produce results. So that gives me time to tinker around with this website and check out the posts...
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Postby Toby B. » Wed Jun 12, 2002 7:22 pm

Well I am currently at home. I do have a full time job working for Goodwill Industries as a Sales Associate/fill-in key person. When not at work I am usually here.

Toby B.
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Postby paramufay » Wed Jun 12, 2002 7:49 pm

as my granny used to say......

none of your bizwacks...cornbread and shoe tacks :lol:
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