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Postby paramufay » Sun Jun 09, 2002 1:24 pm

Im glad lewis won. tyson was a bully/poor sport. there was a time when he might have been champ but he let his ego defeat him.
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Postby Tau » Sun Jun 09, 2002 1:42 pm

Must admit i have never really warmed to either boxer, not like Bruno who was a character in his own right.
I have always thought of Tyson as being a fighter and Lewis a boxer.
Time for both to retire methinks.



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Postby Pechorin » Sun Jun 09, 2002 7:58 pm

I'm glad Lenox put Tyson in his place. The guy has been convicted on charges of assault, theft, and rape to name a few. And after his cannabalistic display with Holyfield, he doesn't deserve to even be in the sport.

I will give him credit though, it was a good fight and Tyson took quite the beating and kept coming back. However, Lewis proved that he is technically and physically (endurance wise) superior in the end--and every fight should end in a KO!
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Postby MoboCop » Mon Jun 10, 2002 9:18 am

lewis really took it to him. The most surprising things was how loving tyson was after the whipping.

That was unexpected. Also interesting that tyson fought clean and lewis was warned many times and even lost a point for a foul.
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