Thanks to Everyone Here

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Thanks to Everyone Here

Post by c327 »

Don't want to sound corny or wishy washy but I just want to say thanks to all the members here who have helped me with all my questions over the years. I know some of my issues may have ended up being bothersome at times but I have no member of my family or any friend that I can go to for help with my PC issues which most of the time I create on my own. My grand kids are in another state and they could care less about me or my wife of 54 years.

I went from knowing zero about using a computer to being an advanced home user, and a 3 time desktop builder nothing more. That's as far as I am going. Early on I belonged to a few tech forums that were not really friendly and it didn't take much for the nasty's to start flying. I stumbled across this website along time ago and found something completely different. Most all here were friendly and those who weren't didn't last long here. I found some very smart folks here when it comes to computer knowledgeable people who were more than willing to go the extra mile to help others at no cost to those seeking assistance.

I have seen quite a few members come and go ??? Some went into the service, some went to college, some went into business and I guess they just got busy doing their deal. I am here every day off and on mostly just reading what others are talking about. Not wanting to leave anybody out so I will end it by saying thank you to all for being so nice to not only me but to many others who visit here.
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Re: Thanks to Everyone Here

Post by Roach412 »

I'd say the same thing. I try and log in every day at least once - and while I'm not nearly as involved with personal PC stuff anymore(yay for going corporate...and having a fiancée/house/pets/misc.) I still like to be involved some way with the community.

Still a nice, albeit lower traffic, site to see what's happening in the world of PC's yet.

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Re: Thanks to Everyone Here

Post by Karlsweldt »

"House rules" here mean not flaming anyone, not knocking a person's image. And no foul language.
Be helpful with a question, offer the correct or most appropriate suggestion.
And spammers will find themselves out quicker than they got in! Permanently.
A lot of members are pros, some having worked in the computer field for more than 20 years.
Some even have their own business or shop.
Every one of us started out knowing very little about computers.. or anything else.
But we learned from books and helpful friends, and came to know the secrets of this so-called 'intelligent' electronic entity.

Thank you for the praise, hope we (all) truly earned it.
I note you mentioned your 'wife of 54 years'.. true "love birds" are together forever!
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Re: Thanks to Everyone Here

Post by rascard2007 »

When I came here for the first time I had roughly 20 years of computers experience, both in hard and software, If my memory doesn´t betray me I was searching a way to identify and old MOBO

From the very beginning I felt very comfortable here and I´m very gratefull of all U people that helped me all these years

For me had been a real pleasure every time that I helped someone to solve an issue or to identify a board or even posting in the most famous topic here, the light bulb problem!!!

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Things they would not teach me of in college"
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Re: Thanks to Everyone Here

Post by evasive »

If my memory doesn´t betray me I was searching a way to identify and old MOBO

you're welcome, all of you. I think most of us have the same feeling, this forum is all about basic respect for eachother as human beings. over the years we have kicked a few members that didn't understand that concept, I guess that's how this community survived so well.
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