My Recent Experiences With Firefox & IE8

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My Recent Experiences With Firefox & IE8

Postby c327 » Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:41 pm

Well this is about my recent experiences with both Firefox and IE8 from a non tech point of view.

I really got used to the simple look and feel of IE6 after using it for so long, but then I just needed to find something to replace that outdated browser.

I have been using Firefox for a short period of time and it did take a few days to get a better grip on how Firefox works and just what you can and can not do with it or to it. I don't like the idea of it's limitations as far as being able to customize it a whole lot. I also don't like all of the wasted space at the top of the display in the tool bar area. Other than the fact that it looks different which I expected it would be, I kind of like it.

IE8 is a horse of a different color. Like Firefox it has way to much wasted space at the top of the display in the tool bar area. It seems that being able to customize the look of this browser is limited in as far as being able to customize it goes but you can do more with it than in Firefox.

One thing I noticed and it bothers the crap out of me and that is I am getting an unusual amount of unwanted pop-ups in IE8 which I didn't get from IE6 or from Firefox. I am inclined to say that IE8 seems to be a little slower than Firefox (3.6.6) from going from desktop to Google Start Page plus from going back and forth between websites and turning various pages.

I like some things about IE8 because some of the things in it I am familiar with but that being said and done I have to say that Firefox seems to do a better job once you get past the newbie difference between the two browsers.

I have to say that in my opinion the engineers that developed these two browsers kind of lost sight slightly of what is practical with the user not being able to change the look to their liking along with the efficient placement of various icons on the tool bar etc. There is entirely too much wasted space on both browsers at the top of the display, a brain fart as far as I'm concerned.

So which do I like better? I don't know yet. Its a plus and minus thing with both?????

If it weren't for the fact of Chrome phoning home to Double Click I would give it a try. For me to do that I might just as well call the IRS and ask them to investigate my last years taxes to see If I cheated them again like I did the previous year.
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