GA-K8NF-9 can't get running with HT 5x help!

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GA-K8NF-9 can't get running with HT 5x help!

Postby uji » Thu Nov 09, 2006 10:42 pm

I've been looking around and most boards can run at 5x without any problems, especially people with the A3 chip revision since that's the same as the ultra version. My mobo luckily uses the A3 chip version but for some reason when I set my HT to 5x in the bios, exit and save, in CPU-Z it's still reported at 4x 800mhz. This is really weird, any idea why it isn't working?

ps if I set my ht to 1000mhz using central brain identifier it works fine... but I'd rather it just boot up like that in the first place.

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