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PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 11:21 am 

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Hello, if anyone could help me with this problem I'd appreciate it. I recieved 8 computers free from a lady. None of them seem to completely work. This one in particular has a amptron logo on the motherboard and socket T462 and AMD Anthon is processor.

I've had a lot of book knowledge but very little hands on so I do apologize for the lack of more information about the computer.

The problem: It will intermittently boot and only after I test it. Mean take the motherboard out of it's case and plug a working powe supply to is and touch the pins with screw driver. When I put the motherboard back in case it won't come on at all. Well it did once and never did again. Oh i should mention that the system will not boot to a cd as well. I change the boot sequence and still I won't recognize it. The cd-rom is good. The OS is Novell.

Question: Is there software out there that can test the motherboard that is free. Mainly one t hat will boot to dos on a cd because sometimes I can get it to boot to dos. I tried looking up this manufacture and they don't have a website anymore. It seems as though the motherboard could be bad but when I opened it up parts were missing so it could also be that a wire could be in wrong place. Or is there a cheap cheap machine out there that can test a desktop pc's motherboard without the machine coming on to know if it's good or bad. I've tested the power supply so i know it' s good. Any help would be helpful. I got laid off and i'm trying to start my own biz.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 12:10 pm 
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Gonna need a bit more to go on, there. Ampron is PCChips, for the most part. Quite a few Socket A boards made. Can you give me anything else to go on?

Powering on, probably just a toasted power button. They do wear out after awhile.

No, there's no cheap tester for a motherboard or components. The cheapest you're gonna find is another machine that takes the same parts. Unless you want to spend $100k on a specialized tester, anyway.

How did you test the PSU? Shorting the pins and seeing if it powers up isn't a conclusive test, if its an old off-brand original, it's liable to be spitting out weird power spikes all over the place. Have to use a semi-accurate multimeter with DC amperage readouts.

You said you can sometimes get it to boot. If you can't find anything else on the motherboard, try getting into the BIOS and posting the string here.

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