Computer does not post!

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Computer does not post!

Post by DocHolliday »

Strange! So damn strange. My other computer will not post. For some reason the light stays on and nothing comes on the screen. Could it be my floppy cable. Someone please try to help. I recently installed a new LAN Card and Windows XP. But sometimes the computer does POST. !!!!!!!!!!!! When I installed those items, it worked for a little while. ANd now it doesn t work.,
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Post by spraks »

sounds like a hardware conflict to me... try doing a strip down to just the minimum requirements.. video card, 1 stick of ram, processor... and see if it posts... then if it does, start building on to that layout until u see when it doesn't post. thats the problem rite there
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Post by Happy Hillbilly »

If it's the floppy LED that stays lit, reverse the cable. But that shouldn't keep it from posting. Take the side cover off & pwr. on & look to see if case fans & hsf spins. Make sure the memory is seated good & make sure the cpu is seated good & that the hsf is plugged in to the mobo.
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Post by chmod »

it sounds plain weird to me
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Post by barmouth »

You may have dislodged something when you put the lan card in. Reseat everything espec video card and ram.
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