Compaq 157126-102 capacitors missing

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Compaq 157126-102 capacitors missing

Post by dramman »

I recently found a compaq motherboard that has a model number of 15716-102. It is missing 13 capacitors. The numers of the capacitors are: c118, c145, c646, c240, c550, c231, c210, c159,c183, c162, c136, c367, c356. Unfortunately, I do not have the capacitors. I have seached around and I still have no idea what capacitors I should use to replace the missing ones. If anybody can help me to know what I should do, your help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Compaq 157126-102 capacitors missing

Post by evasive »

Compaq BMW-2 motherboard, it is an OEM version of MiTac 6513WU. We have a manual for it but not until the component level

Your best bet will be someone that has the same board and the same revision of the board.
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