New build does not boot up

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New build does not boot up

Post by bsamot69 »

Initially this build consisted of:
Asus P4P800-E -DELUXE motherboard
PENTIUM 4, 3.40/1M/800 CPU
GAMEMAX VP 600 RGB new 600watt PSU
NVIDIA 16mb agp tnt2 pro video card
INFINEON PC2100u-20330-co 128mb, DDR 133mhz ram
VIEWSONIC TD2420 display
Hit power button power supply on, fans on, no keyboard lights and no display. I had been messing with this configuration for awhile when I came across a troubleshooting post on this site.
I did a minimal boot outside of case . The only item I changed was the CPU. I installed a PENTIUM 4 2.80 GHz/512/800 with the rest of components the same. I was thrilled to see the keyboard light up and the display came up with the system information. I did not hit delete to boot into BIOS. I figured the problem had been CPU so I put everything back in case. The same consist as the minimal boot. Hit power button , fans came on no display. Uh oh. I should mention I removed the CMOS battery and shorted the clear jumper before each start up attempt. I pulled it apart to perform minimal boot. The minimal boot had same results, fans on and no display. I checked video cable for bent pins, checked all connections. I exchanged the video card and used an ATI RAGE 128 PRO AGP CARD with same fan on, no display. My last attempt I changed the ram stick for a NANYA PC3200u-30330 256mb DDR 400mhz. Same result
I have run out of ideas and welcome any insight ,tips and suggestions . If I have left any info out I will gladly supply.
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Re: New build does not boot up

Post by evasive »

I have seen this when the CMOS battery is low. Buy a brand new CR2032 coin cell battery still in blister, put that one in instead,
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