Asus MoBo B150M-C Won't detect my PCIe M2 Card

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Asus MoBo B150M-C Won't detect my PCIe M2 Card

Post by klabacita »

Hi people.

I want to add a M2 hard disk to my MoBo but my BIOS won't detected.

I purchase a PCIe 16x adapter for my M2, my BIOS won't show my new drive.

I had update the BIOS but same thing.

I cannot see my new HD.

I try changing some settings in my BIOS to.

Any tip?

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Re: Asus MoBo B150M-C Won't detect my PCIe M2 Card

Post by Karlsweldt »

Is the hard drive capacity (cylinders, heads, sectors) within the BIOS limits? If a PATA or IDE drive, are any jumpers set properly? And if using an 80-wire data ribbon, on the proper header?
For a SATA drive, if a class 3, it may not be recognized on a class 2 or class 1 system. Might be a jumper on the drive to revert to an older class. ... d-sata-iii
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Re: Asus MoBo B150M-C Won't detect my PCIe M2 Card

Post by Mr T »

The BIOS won't see it as it is not technically a hrad drive attached to the SATA ports. Is it seen in the operating system? Do you want to install an operating system to it?
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Re: Asus MoBo B150M-C Won't detect my PCIe M2 Card

Post by bdub »

on the advanced tab, under pch storage configuration... anything in there?
seems this mobo outa be new enough to be able to see a pcie m2 device in the bios, but maybe not since it's not embedded onto the mobo through native connector.
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