Asus 990fx disaster

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Asus 990fx disaster

Postby gloege » Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:42 pm

Ohk here is the problem:

My games are sputtering and crashing to no signal on multiple set ups and gpu's

I suspect it is the 990fx chip set. Reason is i tried an asus m5a990fx revision 2 pro(that was replaced 3 times) and an evo
With the old parts new parts and two diffrent versions of windows. Diffrent drivers etc. But the catch is my cpu was missing a grounder pin, could that have damaged it. um then why is the other motherboard i put my gpu on it sorta does the same thing. Then when i put a diffrent cpu on my board it won't crash but still exhibit issues.
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Re: Asus 990fx disaster

Postby Mr T » Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:36 am

Could be many things. Missing CPU pin is one thing you may have resolve. Other things like a weak/cheap power supply, incompatibel RAM, bad hard drive, poor grounding on the case, even a bad case fan can cause issues..

I have an ASUS 990FX Evo rev 1 running right now that was supposed to be bad when they first came out. Stable and running fine with an FX-8320, 32Gb of RAM and ATI 7700 GPU..

First off, using a single stick of RAM, single hard drive and a single GPU, reinstall windows. Issue may go away, then add bits piece by piece and see if you can recreate the fault...
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