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PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:28 am 

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Location: Springfield, Missouri USA
I've a Compaq CQ62-238DX, mobo DA0AX2MB6E1 REV:E. It has several issues, only one of which I've resolved, that being several cracks in the lower housing (tray) near the cooling vent and security cable hardware, repaired with Gorilla IMPACT-TOUGH Super Glue (thick mixture in the squeeze bottle.)

I attempted, and nearly succeeded, in replacing the screen with a glass from an HP 2000-209wmb(?) I had lying about. I did replace the glass, and for a time tried to find a way to mount the webcam from the HP in the Compaq lid.

No viable way could I find. Nor, in all the detritus my PC & smartphone repairs/salvage/exploratories have created, was I able to discover an appropriate cable to attach the webcam to the MB, even taking bits from one and that from another could I have, although there is indeed a connector to attach to on the MOBO.

With the replacement screen in place on the lid with cabling secured and front bezel firmly snapped into place, the assembly attached to the lower tray sans the MOBO et al, the two sections folded into a "v" which rest upon its' left sides on the floor in my work area overnight, allowing the glue to set.

This morning, while researching the other issue I face on this unit I, quite clumsily, knocked it over while crossing & uncrossing my weary, poor vascular condition, 63 year old legs. Smack! The lid/screen section landed soundly upon the thinly carpeted floor of my Missouri dwelling. Alas! A clearly visible crack runs top to bottom, a scant 1/4 of the way from the left edge of the screen.

So, for now, I'll continue to port the units' video out to my 26" Sharp flatscreen VGA input, keeping an eye & ear open for a dysfunctional HP/CQ notebook.

The other repair issue is to replace the single, right side USB port. There are 3 total, two on the left side, both working. There is no External SATA/USB3.0 combo on this unit (as My Toshiba L645 has), nor an HDMI port, or Ethernet connector. My guess is it is one of the entry level units, inexpensive but lacking many features for want of a connector or two; the USB card reader is absent from the allotted real estate on the board, an Ethernet connector, although it has a Realtek RTL8103E(L)-GR Fast Ethernet controller chip onboard with traces to the solder points, a 12-pin drive-style connector I suspect was intended for HDMI and 6-pin labeled BT (bluetooth), each with traces to an area sans an IC. But I digress.

There was at one time a third USB port on the right side, but it was robbed, by yours truly, to correct a broken port on a HP Pavillion its' owner deemed superior. Let's not let factual specs interfere with the aesthetic interpretations of the unwashed.

So, again rummaging in the detritus, produced only a few connector "solutions." Two dual USB connector boards, both HP, with intact cabling that won't fit in a single MOBO connector. A single male USB connector from a Kodak camera extension cable w/adaptor, and lastly the proper cable for a single HP USB board sans the connector itself, but evidencing the much scarred and damaged board from which the connector was removed by a much too hot, 40W pencil-tipped Weller soldering iron. I plead guilty.

So, my quest is to determine, for fact, the proper 4 pins of the 6-pin MOBO connector for the flat-cable from the destroyed single USB HP board to attach the 4 leads of the Kodak connector, which have been properly identified; In it's appropriate position, plastic on top/contacts below, they are 1234 LR, +5vdc, -data, +data, -5vdc/gnd.

The MOBO connector perplexes me, though. Looking at the board from the top, cable lock free, the 1ST pin FROM THE LEFT is identified on the board as #1 BY A WHITE DOT, the 5th of 6 pins by a straight vertical line, then 6th of 6 pins by the NUMERAL 6.

My interpretation is: Of the 6 pins, the first 4 from left are 1234, 5th unused, and 6th a mystery to me.
My question, taking into account the myriad capacitors and one small IC I take to be some sort of "Digital to Analog" convertor, if its' somewhat mangled remains bearing the markings "REV" diagonal pliers cut, followed below by "DAC" diagonal pliers cut, near its' PCB assignment mean anything.

Oh, the waste in haste.

Is it safe to directly connect the USB connector to the MOBO connector via a soldered joint of, at best 26ga. wire to the flat cable from the HP board, salvaged, without the benefit of the circuitry on the original boards?

I've not yet fleshed out my profile, but in a nutshell:
I'm not the engineer Dad foresaw had I:
Applied myself to my studies, as he strongly suggested
Taken advantage a college education I'd have surely gotten free, as he strongly suggested
Had I enlisted in the US Navy, as he strongly suggested
Applied for Naval OCS "Office Candidate School", as he strongly suggested,
Lo! These many (47) years ago.

However, I did and/or have the following:
A High School Vo-Tech, 2-year AC/DC Fundamentals & Radio & TV Repair & Transistor Logic course
Several years as a Telephone Equipment Bench Repairman & Residential Inside Installer
25+ years as an entertainment venue Audio systems Setup Tech & Board Operator.
Designer & Builder of Audio Reinforcement systems for rental and"road" use.
Designer, Builder & Installer of permanent Audio/Video entertainment systems in Las Vegas Lounge and Theatres
Installation and Operation of the first "computer controlled" lighting systems at the Las Vegas Hilton (formerly "The International) and the "Aladdin Baghdad Theatre"
Clark County, Nevada Systems Tech I/II as a
Novell NetWare 4.11 Advanced Admin
Novell NetWare GroupWise 4.x & 5.x Advanced Admin

As well as being guilty of;
cutting my baby teeth on the tools in my Dad's telephone linemans' toolbelt;

disassembling numerous broken telephone devices that never worked again, if reassembled

disassembling numerous small home appliances that never worked again, if reassembled

Attempted to repair many small motors, with some success

Built my very first crystal set at age 10

With 4 four-hour sessions of training, one each Sat morning, 4-weekends in a row, by a qualified, employed computer operator, learned and performed basic IBM mainframe "keypunch operator" skills, and successfully performed the necessary steps to start the batch job of grocery payroll for A.J. Bayless in Phoenix, AZ at age 11, in 1965.

I anxiously await responses and thanks! for allowing me to register and participate.

Springfield MO

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 3:17 pm 
Mobo-fu Master
Mobo-fu Master
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Sorry to hear your repair work on the screen failed. But check eBay and similar sites for good, used parts of the same type.
Once that face plate of the LCD panel gets cracked, then moisture gets inside.. and the panel is trashed.
As to USB and other headers on a motherboard (including main ATX power), typically the odd numbers are on one side, even on the other.
For a USB external or remote jack plate, one conductor is the chassis ground for the cable, separate from the signal grounds. One pin on the header is usually missing, as a 'key'.
For reference: ... Serial_Bus

F@H.. to solve mankind's maladies.. in our lifetimes!

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2016 4:30 am 

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