BIOS will not start with any SATA drive connected

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Re: BIOS will not start with any SATA drive connected

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One of the most critical steps with any electronic device is to avoid static electricity. Low humidity is the worst condition.
Wear one of those anti-static wrist straps if you have one, connected to the case or a ground source. If no static strap, some aluminum foil on a large rubber band on your wrist, with a long, grounded jumper lead on the foil, would be a second choice. Just make sure you don't touch any AC or DC mains lead that is hot!
When you get what is supposed to be a really new, unused motherboard, there should be no marks on the solder pads.. top or bottom. Otherwise possibly a return, checked that it was working properly, and sent out again. Happens.
Only a few common steps to installing a motherboard.
First is to ensure all the stand-offs or board mounts mate up only with the holes with solder pad rings.. none other.
Best to mount the CPU with its heat sink while the board is out of the case. Much easier.
Put in the I/O port plate, ensure it is properly seated all around.
Put in the motherboard, but DO NOT use the CPU as a "handle"!
Check that the I/O port plate grounding tabs don't get into ports or are bent.
Put all screws into mount holes, but leave 1/4 turn loose until all are in.
Then tighten snugly from the center out to each corner. Too tight may warp the board or break interior circuit traces.
Plug in all power leads, and front panel leads, then memory and minimal device cards.
Power up with a small blessing, and all should be good.
Time to get into the BIOS, set the features as to how the system is built. Any on-board feature that will be replaced with an add-in card should be disabled, including a MIDI port and a modem setting, if not used.
Add drives and other features.
Begin install of the OS and get real satisfaction.
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