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it's def not screen monitor or caps

if i have multi windows programs opened and typing the flickering over windows i have missing text due to not typing while that window was on and flicked to another

also i should also mention down in the taskbar the programs image thingie for that program goes weird and shows a different icon of a neighboring program

example firefox will show another icon pic, for example malware byte is showing torch icon pic instead of malware
but it flickers back and vice versa

i now closed malware byte now torch shows mozilla icon pic

this is another example, yes i do lots of surfing and have many many adware pouring in but thats due to the exchange sites i use and do gets lots daily and now cleaning daily if not twice a day

average on superantispyware finds wait for it average

hold on to your seat guys
1000+ adware alone and few pups creep in when i run antimalware malwarebytes, i might need a better antivirus other than avg im using
those a three i use at the moment i have websites i use and promote, like my youtube channel and a very exclusive music website im just a member off i will not mention but i let one minds wonder
so i need to do what i do unfortunately and cant afford proper advertising so im risking this computer to do it free< thats how i got into this mess of trouble and didn't run my scans on regular basis> but i think it more some scammy program i downloaded that added without my knowledge till later whole heap of dodgy programs with dodgy file names

example > exxample.exe , eexample.exe , thats how i first noticed in taskmgr things were not right and started uninstalling those programs from a known date

sorry to type up a whole wikipedia of a story but trying to explain as much i can and try to do it simple hopefully without using my old win7 <non gen copy> which i almost cant find as it on a blank cd i did not mark in the other unit i think it was ultimate version, my sis has a home prem edition genuine but it installed on her computer and dont want to ban that serial licence using it when one day she jumps back on her computer which she kill me if i start turning it on and using it :lol: :lol:
oh by the way i have 4 gig ram might need an upgrade motherboard i think is ECS E6500 cpu 2.93ghz idont do gaming much just facebook games, but i reckon this fallout 4 game be too slow on it hehe which i was thinking of getting one way or cheap free way not sure
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