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sff-8087 when to use forward or reverse breakout sata cable
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Author:  Tramontane [ Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:25 am ]
Post subject:  sff-8087 when to use forward or reverse breakout sata cable

ok i had a devil of a time with forward and reverse breakout sata cables

these animals are a sff-8087 forward or reverse breakout cable. they look the same they are not!

the sff-8087 breakout comes in two flavors; reverse breakout and forward breakout. THEY LOOK IDENTICAL! both have a single end that fans out to four ends. if I am correct in my deduction the forward cable is meant to fan out from a controller to a back plane with discrete sata connections for each drive or to each drive individually while the reverse break out should connect to discrete drive connectors on the card to the single port that is on the back plane for the separate drives. I had a hard time finding any clear or concise definition of these cables or how to use them. the forward cables are more expensive by a few dollars. about twenty bucks as opposed to sixteen.

I could not find anything in the literature or the manual or spec sheets that lay this out for you so you are to know what cable to use.

by perusing the reviews for various break out cables i was able to determine that the forward cable works the reverse breakout does not with this raid card. other rocket raid model numbers came up but not this one so add it to the list. or we can start a list here is the model numbers i came across starting with mine

high point cards:

i am almost certain that if you have a raid controller with a 8087 sata connector and you need a fan out style cable you will need to get the FORWARD type of cable, otherwise the card will not see the drives.

as certain as i am of that i am certain that if you have a back plane with a 8087 connector and want to connect to a card with 4 sata ports on it you will need a reverse breakout cable to go from the backplane to multiple connectors on the card.

If i am wrong please let me know. if right please confirm!

i hope this helps anybody who buys one of these cards with multi-lane sff-8087 connectors and the drive is not recognized. there is one more version of the cable that has no fan out but just two 8087 ends that goes to the back plane using only one connector each end to carry four lanes of sata traffic to and from the controller to the back plane using one cable. i have no idea whether there is a forward or reverse version of this but i think not.

if some one thinks they can edit this and make a sticky so some one else does not have this problem. it may save them a rma that comes back on them.

Author:  bdub [ Fri Mar 11, 2016 12:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: sff-8087 when to use forward or reverse breakout sata ca

I have run into this, and you are correct about needing a specific cable. both cables look the same, but they do different things.
I can't recall exactly the situation I was in, but I did see the same thing.

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