ASRock N68C-S PCI-E Problem

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ASRock N68C-S PCI-E Problem

Postby andybster » Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:46 am

Has anyone else encountered this?
I bought a PC with an ASRock N68C-S MoBo and I have so far been unable to successfully connect anything to the PCI-E slot - so far, I have tried no less than three different graphics cards and NONE of them get recognised when I reboot!!!???

I have tried a (brand new) Radeon HD5770 (Vapor-X) card - no joy (nice blue light tho'

An NVidea 8800GTX (bought from EBay) - beast of a card!

An ASUS EAH5570 1Gb DDR3 (brand new)

I have powered each one as required and on powerup each one's fan is spinning and seems OK but Windows (7) always only recognises the on-board graphics.

All I want to do is run two monitors on the bl00dy thing!!! (I'm a developeer not a gamer!!)

Any ideas glady received.
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Postby Mr T » Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:46 pm

welcome to the

They are great budget boards, have sold a lot with nil returns.... (I am running one on my XP setup - XP has issues with HDMI on any AMD onboard setup)....

First off, you need to ensure you have attached the aux power to the card, usually 6pin PCI-E off the PSU.. The other thing you need is a decent PSU for the larger cards - I personally go with a decent brand of PSU (Antec, Corsair etc.)of no less than 750w when I use a card over the 8600GT... From past experience running it out to monitors over about 21" can cause issues when the resolution is ramped up... Plus you can get issues with no POST (Power On Self Test) under certain system configs...

Secondly attach the monitors to only the graphics card, not the onboard - on all those cards, you can run two monitors... If you can get to the BIOS it is OK.. (Set to boot off the PCI-E as primary graphics).

If still no joy, check the slot out for any debris in it... Thy used to ship some boards with a sticker on the slot. When peeled of, some of the sticker sometimes dropped into the slot...
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Postby bdub » Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:28 pm

without having looked at the layout of that board...
the board (or chip?)has onboard video, and you can get video that way... but not with an add-in card?
can you give a make and model on your psy?
what chip is in it?

i only ask about the onboard thing because it would be good to know if it is just a pci-e x16 slot problem, or maybe something else if you can't get video at all.
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