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PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 9:58 am 
Green Belt
Green Belt

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I have WIN 7 Prof, this motherboard and 500GB hard disk:
Motherboard ---------------------------------------------------------------

  Computer Brand Name:                    LENOVO 1578E1G
  Motherboard Model:                      LENOVO
  Motherboard Chipset:                    Intel H61 (Cougar Point)
  Motherboard Slots:                      4xPCI Express x1, 1xPCI Express x16
  PCI Express Version Supported:          v2.0
  USB Version Supported:                  v2.0
 [PCH Features]
  USB Port Count:                         10 ports
  RAID Capability:                        Not Supported
  SATA Ports 2 and 3:                     Not Supported
  SATA Port 1 6 Gb/s:                     Not Supported
  SATA Port 0 6 Gb/s:                     Not Supported
  PCI Interface:                          Not Supported
  PCI Express Ports 5 and 6:              Supported
  USB Redirect (USBr):                    Not Supported
  Intel Anti-Theft Technology:            Supported
  PCI Express Ports 7 and 8:              Not Supported
  PCH Integrated Graphics Support:        Supported
  Data Center Manageability Interface (DCMI): Supported
  Node Manager:                           Supported
  BIOS Manufacturer:                      American Megatrends
  BIOS Date:                              08/10/2012
  BIOS Version:                           9QKT39AUS
  EFI BIOS:                               Capable
  Super-IO/LPC Chip:                      Winbond/Nuvoton NCT6776

WDC WD5003ABYX-01WERA1 ----------------------------------------------------

 [General Information]
  Drive Controller:                       Serial ATA 3Gb/s
  Drive Model:                            WDC WD5003ABYX-01WERA1
  Drive Revision:                         01.01S02
  Drive Serial Number:                    WD-WMAYP3393761
  Drive Capacity:                         476,940 MBytes (500 GB)
  Drive Capacity [MB]:                    476940
  Media Rotation Rate:                    7200 RPM
 [Drive Geometry]
  Number of Cylinders:                    16383
  Number of Heads:                        16
  Sectors Per Track:                      63
  Bytes Per Sector:                       Unknown
  Bytes Per Track:                        Unknown
  Number Of ECC Bytes:                    50
  Number of Sectors:                      16514064
  Total 32-bit LBA Sectors:               268435455
  Total 48-bit LBA Sectors:               976773168
  Cache Buffer Size:                      N/A
  Controller Type:                        Not Specified
 [Transfer Modes]
  Sectors Per Interrupt:                  Total: 16, Active: 16
  Max. PIO Transfer Mode:                 4
  Multiword DMA Mode:                     Total: 2, Active: -
  Singleword DMA Mode:                    Total: -, Active: -
  Ultra-DMA Mode:                         Total: 6 (ATA-133), Active: 5 (ATA-100)
  Max. Multiword DMA Transfer Rate:       16.7 MBytes/s
  Max. PIO with IORDY Transfer Rate:      16.7 MBytes/s
  Max. PIO w/o IORDY Transfer Rate:       16.7 MBytes/s
  Transfer Width:                         16-bit
  Native Command Queuing:                 Supported, Max. Depth: 32
  TRIM Command:                           Not Supported
 [Device flags]
  Fixed Drive:                            Present
  Removable Drive:                        Not Present
  Magnetic Storage:                       Present
  LBA Mode:                               Supported
  DMA Mode:                               Supported
  IORDY:                                  Supported
  IORDY Disableable:                      Supported
  Write Cache:                            Present, Active
  S.M.A.R.T. Feature:                     Present, Active
  Security Feature:                       Present, Inactive
  Removable Media Feature:                Not Present, Disabled
  Power Management:                       Present, Active
  Advanced Power Management:              Present, Active
  Packet Interface:                       Not Present, Disabled
  Look-Ahead Buffer:                      Present, Active
  Host Protected Area:                    Present, Enabled
  Power-Up In Standby:                    Supported, Inactive
  Automatic Acoustic Management:          Not Suppported, Inactive
  48-bit LBA:                             Supported, Active
 [Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology]
  Raw Read Error Rate:                    200/51, Worst: 200
  Spin Up Time:                           138/21, Worst: 137 (Data = 4083)
  Start/Stop Count:                       100/Always OK, Worst: 100 (Data = 36)
  Reallocated Sector Count:               200/140, Worst: 200
  Seek Error Rate:                        100/Always OK, Worst: 253
  Power-On Hours/Cycle Count:             100/Always OK, Worst: 100 (Data = 23)
  Spin Retry Count:                       100/Always OK, Worst: 253
  Calibration Retry Count:                100/Always OK, Worst: 253
  Power Cycle Count:                      100/Always OK, Worst: 100 (Data = 34)
  Power-Off Retract Count:                200/Always OK, Worst: 200 (Data = 10)
  Load/Unload Cycle Count:                200/Always OK, Worst: 200 (Data = 25)
  Temperature                             112/Always OK, Worst: 109 (Data = 31.0 °C)
  Reallocation Event Count:               200/Always OK, Worst: 200
  Current Pending Sector Count:           200/Always OK, Worst: 200
  Off-Line Uncorrectable Sector Count:    100/Always OK, Worst: 253
  UltraDMA/SATA CRC Error Rate:           200/Always OK, Worst: 200
  Write/Multi-Zone Error Rate:            100/Always OK, Worst: 253

Using HD Tune and get the following information:

Firmware version : 01.01S02
Serial number : WD-WMAYP3393774
Capacity : 465.8 GB (~500.1 GB)
Buffer size : n/a
Standard : ATA/ATAPI-8 - SATA II
Supported mode : UDMA Mode 6 (Ultra ATA/133)
Current mode : UDMA Mode 5 (Ultra ATA/100)

S.M.A.R.T : yes
48-bit Address : yes
Read Look-Ahead : yes
Write Cache : yes
Host Protected Area : yes
Device Configuration Overlay : yes
Automatic Acoustic Management: no
Power Management : yes
Advanced Power Management : yes
Power-up in Standby : yes
Security Mode : yes
Firmware Upgradable : yes

Partition : 1
Drive letter :
Label :
Capacity : 1200 MB
Usage : 0.00%
Type : NTFS
Bootable : Yes

Partition : 2
Drive letter : C:\
Label : Windows7_OS
Capacity : 456959 MB
Usage : 23.17%
Type : NTFS
Bootable : No

Partition : 3
Drive letter : Q:\
Label : "Lenovo_Recovery"
Capacity : 18780 MB
Usage : 62.09%
Type : NTFS
Bootable : No

Why UDMA Mode 6 (Ultra ATA/133) is not active?

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 10:38 am 
Lead Mobo-fu Master
Lead Mobo-fu Master
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Chances are where it's probably a butchered AMI BIOS, there will be little luck getting the functionality you are looking for.

evasive, our resident BIOS guy is here less now due to real life stuff.. Best advice I can give, post at, you might receive a speedier response..

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 1:36 pm 
Mobo-fu Master
Mobo-fu Master
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Why are you using something that confuses SATA and PATA devices? Your disk is not even connected to the UDMA mode 6 port, it is connected to a SATA2 port that is ATA-300 if you want to botch the standards again. I don't know why HD tune is reporting things like this, maybe time for a newer version...

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:08 pm 
Green Belt
Green Belt

Joined: Mon Jul 02, 2007 3:26 pm
Posts: 106
Yep, may hard disk is connected to a SATA2 port and the connector is in BIOS on AHCI.
I don't have any PATA (IDE) ports on my mainboard.
HD Tune is quite old and displays a false information.

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