Rules for the Technical Support Forum

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Rules for the Technical Support Forum

Post by Tolemac »

Be sure to read the General Posting Rules.

Telling us that your computer is dead does not give us any info to go on, and will only delay help getting to you.
Include all details of the current problem. i.e. error messages, BSOD's, won't boot into OS, amount of beeps heard when booting, monitor is blank, etc. Now we know what questions to start asking you and can help you out alot faster.

2. Use this handy list to give us your system specs so that we know what we're dealing with:

CPU = (brand and speed ex. AMD XP1700+)
MOTHERBOARD = (make and model ex. MSI KT3)
RAM = (amount and speed ex. 512 PC2100)
HEATSINK = (make and model and temps ex. Volcano 7+ 41*C)
OS = (ex. 95B, Win2K, XP etc.)
POWER SUPPLY = (model and watts ex. Enermax 350W)
VIDEO CARD = (make and model ex. VisionTek G3 Ti200)
SOUND CARD = (make and model ex. SB LIVE! 5.1)
CASE = (make and model ex. Enermax 710B)
OEM SYSTEM = (make and model ex. Dell Dimension 5600)

Copy and paste the above list into your post and fill in your info.
If you are unsure or plain just don't know, that's ok. We'll help you figure it out, but use the list whenever possible.

3. This is for those of you who wish to respond to a post. BE HELPFUL OR DON'T POST!! Do not give bad advise, do not flame a person's system and do not be rude to another person. This forum is where everyone comes for help and we were all newbies at one time. If you are not able or willing to give good help and advice, do not post here. Anyone found not complying with Rule 3 will be given one and only one warning. Any repeat offense and the person will be banned and their IP tagged.

4. STAY ON TOPIC! I know how easy it is to go off on a tangent, but you can't do it here. We have plenty of other forums where you can talk about whatever, but this isn't one of them. If you feel that something absolutely must be discussed, then start a new thread in the appropriate forum.

5. Please check your spelling! We have a preview area for the posts, and I encourage everyone to use it. It just makes it easier to answer the questions if we can actually read them. :wink:
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Post by Toby B. »

Due to the lack of ownership verification of computers, and laptops we are no longer offering any form of support for lost/forgotten passwords. This goes for BIOS, Windows log in, etc.

ANY posts asking for help with removal or cracks to passwords will be deleted immediately.

Any questions on this new rule please feel free to PM or email me or one of the other moderators.

thanks for your cooperation.