Gigabyte 270 mobo how to disable forced turbo?

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Gigabyte 270 mobo how to disable forced turbo?

Postby hbfavor » Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:46 am

I recently re-seated a 7700K into a z270mx gaming 5 board and found that by default all 4 cores are set to run flat out 24/7 at max turbo of 4500 GHz. I want to return chip speed to stock settings, and let the core frequencies ramp up and down according to load. I can't figure out the bios settings to make this happen.

Playing with the options on the ez mode page I changed the setting from normal to energy saving, which seemed to work temporarily; core frequencies were dynamically ranging from 800 to 4500, and core temps were correspondingly lower, which is the behavior I was looking for. But after a reboot all cores were running at 4500 again, although the bios still showed energy saving mode. (Yes I saved it before exiting)

So if anyone can tell me the bios adjustments to disable all-core forced turbo on this board it would be much appreciated.

Gigabyte 270MX-Gaming 5, Rev. 1.0, latest bios F5.
Intel i7 7700K
GSkill Trident 16 GB, xmp profile enabled for 3600 rated speed
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