Wizzards and automation?

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Wizzards and automation?

Postby atang1 » Fri Nov 12, 2004 3:42 am

Programmers do functions on the computers. Then they program wizzards so that they can teach people what to expect, and just make a few chnages in the wizzard and get the work on the computers done.

These wizzards then only need a list to automatically achieve the end results people want. To write the list for wizzards, you need a script or batch processing software.

For personal use, form letters are wizzards, Microsoft discovered that in their Works software. But SAP discovered the VHLD language to implement the list for automation.

For servers with LAMPSSS in Linux, we are writing webpage wizzards for several years already in China. Now we need to define the catagories in ASP(Application service provider) applications. Lists of webpage wizzards will be designed for each catagory.

VHLD language will automatically setup your business software on your server. If you use Linux livecd with LAMPSSS, and $100.00 supercomputer with USB only, Your business will be setup on internet in minutes.

Is this the way of progress? Less work more payback?

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