Yo, companies are moving all their programing jobs overseas?

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Postby unterhausen » Fri Nov 12, 2004 8:33 am

tedybear wrote:As amusing as this sounds? Because if they did'nt do it in the first place they would'ent have wasted the resources LOL....

Some companies that went with sending programing jobs overseas have actually stopped the process and returned back to the good ol' USA for it's own people.

I saw an article last month about how a company had outsourced its IT department and is now taking it back in-house. They were claiming that it would be a competitive advantage to them over their competitors that had outsourced! This should be obvious, and if your IT department isn't delivering, that should be fixed, not by outsourcing. But above a certain size company, it seems insane to have another company essentially running your business. Now, companies that can't afford an IT department may gain something by going with a service company.

Another interesting claim is that the outsourcing company hired the IT department employees that were being laid off.

If a company is in the software business, I can't see how sending the work overseas will make the company stronger. It may mean that you have paid to set up a competitor.
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