Switching from AVR to STM32: debuggers, devboards

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Switching from AVR to STM32: debuggers, devboards

Postby makiyoung » Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:41 am

I recently decided to switch to STM32 (F3, F4) micros for my new projects. The feature/speed to price ratio is amazing. I'm used to Atmega micros (chose them when I started because the compiler is a GCC variant), and I've gotten some Atmel tools so far: AVR JTAGICE mkII clone, AVRISP mkII.

My workflow, which I'd like to keep, consists of using (neo)vim (with some plugs) + make + avr-gcc + avrdude for development and (avr-)gdb for debugging (using JTAGICE mkII) on Linux.

Can You guys help me find these things:

Cheap (Chinese?) debugger/programmer with GDB support on Linux, preferrably with boundary scan included
Cheap STM-F3 and F4 devboards I can use on a breadboard when I have to test something quickly. I need the bare minimum: voltage regulator, crystal oscillator, pin headers
Is there some sort of general STM32 (or ARM Mx in general) architecture guide I should read? I live by the datasheet, of course, but some sort of primer would be nice.

Here is the stm32 arduino date sheet.
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