changing router

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changing router

Postby knotman » Sat Sep 02, 2006 2:19 pm

i got a piece of crap westall router modem model 327w and im trying to switch it for a westell 2200 but i dont have the cd for it ( i left the cd in the boys room and do i need to explan he scratched the heck out of it ) but i got the drivers for it off of so how do i install it
i`m changing it cause the westell 327w i got is so slow im getting this
Connection Rate (Down/Up): 1408 KBits/Sec by 800 KBits/Sec
Connection Status In Packets 201416
Out Packets 176500

In Error Packets 0
Out Error Packets 472

IP Network Address PPP ( i removed this )
Primary DNS ( i removed this )
Secondary DNS ( i removed this )

Ethernet Status In Packets180369
Out Packets 206070

ATM NetworkAddress VPI 0
VCI 35

Firewall Status Passed
Dropped In: 169486 Out: 152794
In: 104 Out: 0

when i unpluged the bad router and plugged in the other the KBits went alot higher like up in the 37,000 range i just cant get it going though
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