How do I measure noise on my wi-fi network?

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Postby gutt3d » Thu Nov 25, 2004 7:09 am

Right - found a way to measure noise on the network. It involves buying a different PCMCIA card for my laptop. Cisco make a suitable device which has capability to measure noise, but it's a bt pricey.

BTW - Cisco are a bunch of ***** :evil: I called them to ask about technical spec of the product before I bought it, but they do NOT deal with end-users. I spoke to Support, who passed me to Presales. Presales passed me to Support, and Support passed me back to Presales again. They absolutely refused to provide ANY technical info at all. They told me to go to the reseller from which I purchased the product. Er... I haven't bought the product yet, dumbass, and I can't buy it without the tech info that you refuse to give me.

:evil: :evil:

So anyway, after a refreshing chat with a Cisco reseller who was kind enough to actually help, it sounds like this might work. Only potential problem is one of compatibility with my existing network. I'm looking to spend nearly £100 on a Cisco PCMCIA card 8O so want to make sure it will actually talk to my router without issues.

Question is - anyone know if a "non turbo" device can talk to a "turbo" router without too much trouble? My router is USR, with 125mbps performance (e.g. 11g "turbo"). The reseller made a good point - Cisco (being the market leaders) don't actually do a "turbo" product, which suggests maybe that "turbo" is not a fully recognised standard. So each different vendor will have their own version of "turbo" which won't necessarily work with other vendors offerings...

Anyone got any thoughts about this? Should I save my cash, or give it a try...?
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