Networking newbie question......

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Networking newbie question......

Postby tempus » Fri Sep 24, 2004 5:05 pm

This is what I have at the moment. main computer uses a USB adsl modem to connect to the internet and its LAN connection has a crossover cable to another computer to its lan connection. I want to go wireless. What do I need? Cna I use a wireless router and still use my usb modem? Can I run a wired connection to the wireless router from the main computer and use a wireless card on the other computer?
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Postby Ghen » Fri Sep 24, 2004 5:17 pm

Your DSL modem only supports USB? What brand/model is it?

I've never setup a router through a computer, usually its the other way around ;) but hey.. it might work. You might only need a WAP, wireless access point. You're definitely going to need a WiFi PCI card in the computer you want wireless though.

Oh, and thats no newbie question :D
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Postby snap355 » Mon Sep 27, 2004 1:06 pm

I would say the best and easiest option is to change your adsl modem to something that can support ethernet network instead of USB.
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Postby Hardware Junkie » Mon Sep 27, 2004 6:14 pm

Its probably a Modem Surfer type USB modem.

It is possible to use this still.
The cheapest was to go would be to just install a PCI Wireless network card into the PC using the ADSL modem and share the internet connection. Put the wireless cards in Ad-hoc mode and they will connect to each other.
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