Burned Out WIFI Card

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Burned Out WIFI Card

Postby Hardware Junkie » Fri Sep 10, 2004 6:58 pm

Just the heads up.

I've been using an Orinoco Proxim Card for awhile now. Its a Silver A/B ComboCard. Worked flawlessly in the past.
On my home network, I've noticed a small problem recently.

I use a WRT54G not 10 feet from my system. We've got another laptop that works upstairs and gets excellent signal strength or at the very least a "very good strength".
But my system was getting anything from Very Good to Low, and sometimes disconnects. I couldn't find the problem.

Until I replaced the card. I've got a new Linksys one that gives me Excellent Signal Strength (like you could expect).

Old card still works, just not really well. I am going to run some more tests, but it looks like these things can just start to die with time.
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