Edimax BR-6104KP Router - Mini-Review

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Edimax BR-6104KP Router - Mini-Review

Postby dr_st » Thu Sep 09, 2004 5:26 am

Some people on this forum may remember my search for a good wireless router with a print server sometime ago. In the end I decided to skip on the wireless option for now, because it's really something that I will not find myself using for a while.

So I got me this Edimax BR-6104KP router: http://www.edimax.com.tw/html/english/p ... 6104KP.htm

Basic specs:

* 1 x 10/100 WAN port for broadband modem
* 4 x 10/100 LAN ports for local network
* 2 x USB 1.1 ports for printers
* Built-in print server

Pretty standard, except the two printer ports. A print server is something many broadband routers have, but two ports is not something you see on every router.


Basic design, pleasant to look at. If you don't know how Edimax routers look like - here's a pic of one of their other models (I couldn't find a nice pic of the KP, but it's essentially the same) - http://www.newegg.com/app/Showimage.asp ... 008-04.JPG.

It's rather small (19cm x 10cm x 3cm) and very light. Gets a bit warm while working, but nothing extraordinary.

Router setup:

Couldn't be easier - you plug in the PCs, read a few basic instructions in the manual (they kindly remind you that you need to configure your PCs to receive automatic IP addresses) and off you go - launch the router's web interface from the browser and configure everything you want - firewall, port forwarding, other security/access features - everything is pretty intuitive and doesn't require you to install a damn thing. I had 3 computers with complete sharing of everything and independend internet access in no time.

Print server setup:

Basically you need to install a print server utility off the router's CD on each PC you want to gain access to the router's printer ports. This is where I ran into the one and only issue with the router so far. It may be a major issue or a minor one, depending how you look at it: by default, the install program installs the wrong print server utility that doesn't work at all - it won't even see the router. Probably because it's an older version that was written to support the LPT print servers, but not the USB ones. I had to poke around the CD, find the "USB Series" print server utility and install it instead - worked like a charm.

Once you install the print server utility, it creates two virtual ports on your computer, and you go through the standard "add printer" routine for the port of choice (depending where you connected the printer to the router). If your printer doesn't have a built-in driver in Windows, you will need the manufacturer driver (.INF file).

I had my Xerox Phaser 3210 laser printer and my HP Officejet 5510 both working well through the router, except that the Officejet 5510 didn't seem to have come with an .INF file, so I had to emulate a Deskjet 3650 to get it to work.


So far I'm pretty pleased with this router. The bottom line is that everthing works as it was intended, and that's the most important thing.
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Postby Hardware Junkie » Thu Sep 09, 2004 5:26 pm

For wireless activity, you could just add an Access Point to one of the ports when you get the spare cash. Might need a cross over cable but it should work - we've got one in operation in this mode at BWs place.
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